Sheep to Shawl

Agro Expo Spinning Competition

Holstein’s Agro Expo will be hosting its Third Sheep to Shawl and Drop Spindle competitions this year, 2020.

Sheep to Shawl is a competition, between teams of six (6) members, to spin raw wool into yards of yarn and use that yarn to weave and complete a shawl approximately 60” long by 20” wide, in just four (4) hours.

Drop Spindle competition is for solo competitors to spin wool roving into a two (2) ply yarn on a drop spindle, in an effort to create the longest, best quality of yarn they can in just one (1) hour, with additional time to ply and skein yarn for submission.

The fleece for the weft of the shawl and roving for the drop spindlers will be provided by local sheep producers.


First come, first served, maximum of four teams.

Competition date: Saturday July 4th, 2020;   11:00am-3:00pm

Entry fee: $60.00/ team; includes entry to all events on both days of the Expo; parking is free

Judging Saturday 3:00 -4:00 pm Judge To be announced

Past judge – Sandi Nemenyi, from Everett, Ontario : Received the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners award presented for the best use of handspun in a woven article, 2019. 

*special note; due to space restrictions registration will be limited to four (4) teams on a first come basis. This is an outdoor event, so dress for the weather. There is an open sided tent for shelter but please bring a mat for under your wheel.


  • Each team will have six competing members. A seventh team member is welcome to be part of that team to be a spokesperson.
  • Local raw fleece will be provided for each team. A draw will used to distribute the fleeces to the teams.
  • The finished shawl must have an area no less than 1,200 square inches and a length no less than 60 inches.
  • Each team will provide its own warped loom. Warp must be between 8-12 epi, 100% sheep’s wool, commercial or handspun yarn and it may be natural colour, hand dyed or commercially dyed. Locally sourced wool and yarn are preferred.
Score card:
  1. suitability of yarn design and content of warp  20%
  2. technical quality of spun yarn  20%
  3. technical quality of the structure of the shawl  20%
  4. minimum dimension requirements  10%
  5. creative presentation of display, presentation of shawl and supporting information, and interaction with audience  10%
  6. completion time  (4 hour limit)  20%
  • Event passes for each member of the team will be reserved at the gate under your team name.
  • Competitors are welcome and encouraged to set up and demonstrate spinning on Friday afternoon if they wish. This spinning is not to be used as part of the competition.


Cash Prizes for Sheep to Shawl

First: $120.00 / team

Second: $100/team

Third: $80/team

Drop Spindle Competition (Ewe to Yarn)

Competition Date: Saturday, July 4th, 2020; 3:15pm-4:15pm

Entry Fee: Contestants are not required to pay an “entry fee” however they are required to pay the general admission fee at the gate. Pre-registration is encouraged, last minute registrations are welcome.

Judging Saturday at 4:30pm, 2020 judge to be announced

Past Judge- Sandi Nemenyi, from Everette Ontario.

Rules:  Each Contestant brings their own Spindle, Wool roving will be provided. 

  1. Each contestant will construct a skein of plied wool yarn
  2. The yarn will be spun and plied using a drop spindle and the skein will be wound using a 1 meter niddy noddy.
  3. The skein must be spun within the 1 hour alotted, after 1 hour the contestant will ply and skein their yard for presentation to the judge.
  4. Score card:
  •  uniformity and quality of singles               25%
  •  weight and length of skein                         20%
  •  presentation of the skein                           10%
  •  time for completion (1 hour limit)           20%
  •  uniformity and quality of ply                     25%


Cash Prizes for Drop Spindle Competition (Ewe to Yarn)

  • First: $25
  • Second: $20
  • Third:$15

For information and registration contact Bridget Misener,



Registrations can be mailed to:

 Bridget Misener, 223586 Southgate Rd 22, RR#2, Holstein, ON  N0G2A0